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KAI MAUELECTRONICS(DINGNAN)CO.,LTD founded in 2002, its predecessor was Shantou Kai Mao Electronic Technology was built in 1998.
     The company specializes in the production of single, double, single and double carbon oil, silver, oil, precision lines, gold, HASL board. The company is located in Jiangxi Dingnan Tomita Industrial Park, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a total investment of 80 million yuan, after a long-term sustainable development, our company has reached 8000 square meters of workshop area, with a number of senior technical management personnel, marketing personnel.
     The company has strong production capacity up to 85,000 square meters per month, month
Value of up to three million yuan, the company holds a full-service defensive attitude in the ISO9000: 2000 quality system under, two production lines to provide a stable product quality and service, a small sample of the deal specifically with the large number of orders and production lines Another is the amount of manufacturing, a large printed circuit production lines, two complete sets of production equipment. Make small orders simultaneously, and support each other to achieve timely delivery schedule, providing the best service to all customers is the goal of Mao Kai concerted efforts of all staff.
     For long-term expansion of favorable and stable quality and good management, so Kai Mao has been training hard, internal control, timely introduction of production and testing equipment, such as software, computer networks and thus complete the connection of production and ERP systems.
    In the beginning of the New World, from Taiwan to introduce an advanced level of automated production lines, while the introduction of advanced testing instruments and equipment from Japan, the United States, as companies use hardware devices to meet the quality needs of melancholy. In the quality assurance system software. As early as 2002 the company has formally requested through the ISO9000: 2000 international certification, but the company did not meet this melancholy, but continue to plan to move the green line of a new era (ISO14001) efforts, we sincerely hope to cooperate with colleagues sincere social to create the future of the electronics industry.
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